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The mobile email statistics show it; growth. More and more people are reading their emails while “being mobile”. Even if being mobile means sitting on the couch watching tv. Mobile email has it’s own set of rules though. Your recipients interact differently with email on their mobile. The screen is smaller, the interface is different and many of them are touchscreen. So emailing for the mobile masses is a different ballgame.

If this is true and 10 to 30 per cent of email is opened on a mobile device. Why aren’t all emails optimized for mobile yet? If YOU haven’t yet done so, see if you fall into one of these categories:

No mobile email by choice

This is the easy one. You can simply choose not to optimize your email for mobile devices. As with any choice though, there should be a reason why. It might be that your audience opening on mobile isn’t large enough (yet) or that the added value of a changed and optimized design isn’t apparent.

One of the more striking arguments would be, that it doesn’t have priority at this moment. Many email marketing programs have very big other fish to fry. Getting triggered email campaigns up, for instance. Marketers are busy, busy people. So by choice, is definitely understandable as long as it doesn’t wander off the radar completely.

Well most email marketing systems now show a simple email marketing message correctly on your screen. Say you are doing some email marketing for your blog, and haven’t really thought about mobile yet. Just have a (detailed) look and find if your piece is now doing like it should.

Famous hand model Alex Wiliams shows us that not all pre-headers are optimized yet.

Many emails aren’t optimized for mobile yet

Knowledge about mobile optimization

Because of the explosive growth, mobile email is a relatively new point of attention. So it is logical that a lot of marketers are still trying to find out how to actually optimize for mobile devices.

Displaying emails correctly is one thing, creating a mobile email strategy is another. The lack of experience might also be a part of it. Marketers just don’t know how to optimize for mobile devices yet. The answer? Get reading and talk to your Email service provider or other partners in crime you might have.

The market needs investigation

Although general statistics seem impressive, the average doesn’t always apply. So you might want to check your own figures. Your message, brand, audience, type of emails, region, time and day sent, etc. They all have an influence on your own email marketing metrics. Be sure to check the statistics of your last few campaigns and see how many opens your mobile version got. But also be aware how to read and explain those mobile email statistics.

It is on the roadmap

In somewhat larger organisations, change doesn’t happen overnight. So mobile email is on the roadmap, but it just takes a while before it will get implemented. Plans and budgets were made at the beginning of the year or a redesign is already planned for in a few months. So we will see more mobile adapted email designs, probably also in b2b over the coming half year. It is one of these things that you should be asking your ESP about mobile email.

Reasons to get started

So there are several categories and reasons why designs aren’t yet optimized for email on the mobile device. Luckily not all mobile email optimization requires a complete redesign. It is still a shame though, because until your messages are optimized, the added conversions isn’t adding up either.

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