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Is it just me or do some email marketers not test their HTML architecture before sending? What did I do to deserve your HTML throw up all over my inbox?

I’ve been waiting in the shadows for a good one to point out and today – win. It’s been a few months since my last post so I wanted to make this post a good one, I feel that it is given the company that sent this email and the shock and awe I got when I opened to see this:

This is rough ...

Let’s look at this image above  for a quick review. What’s wrong with this email? …  Well, the body is bigger than the content without images on, the first 1000px are images with non-compelling alt text, preheader text would have been magical (due to the size of the images and lack of text in the message), however; it’s non-existent and at the end of the day as a user I have absolutely nothing compelling to get me clicking. Truthfully, I’m being a snob here, but I don’t want to download images after seeing this. I want to call the CEO and ask for a job.

Now, I’m not an email expert, I have a certain skill set that I have honed over the years that was founded on HTML architecture and multi-client rendering for email. Before design, strategy, dynamic content, trigger based sends, multi-variate testing, voice, subject lines, time-of-send, etc. It’s IMPERATIVE to test the code and know the nuances and styles that work in email clients. I don’t care how big the list is, how fancy the email design looks, how much revenue this is expected to garner or how badly this email needs to be sent ASAP.  Without proper tests for rendering and the appropriate architecture for the recipient base’s clients, you’ve already lost a large portion of your success to frustrated users. Not to mention the unsubscribes and potentially future (lack of) opens due to bad experience with this email. Patience really is a virtue, rushing emails out won’t do anything but allow the marketing manager to check another to-do of their list.

Let’s scroll down the email a little more, shall we?

OMG ... Really?

As you can see the fiasco continues. This email is far from legible, the alignment of the content as well as the placement of the images and alt tags is badly coded. This was either rushed out of production or the person who created this email needs to follow the #emailmarketing tag on Twitter. It saddens me to see fundamental errors in email marketing when it’s been around for a while now, this email should not have happened this way, not from a company that’s in the tech space and as large as this one.  So, without further adieu, Ladies and gentlemen, I give you *drumroll* O’Reilly.

Not the nicest email, but at this simple of a design it should have been bulletproof.

Lesson and Take-away: Test, test, test. Know your recipients client base. Learn to code for those clients. Without a clean solid architecture you’re proactively shooting yourself in the foot before the send button is even pressed.  The email should look the same with and without images as far as layout.

Thanks for reading.

Viva la Email.


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