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82 emails since November 7th.  61 emails in December and it aint over yet. Would love to know that the complaint and/or engagement rate is.  At one point, I was getting 3 day….would love to know your thoughts.


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I was able to read a pretty fascinating study today by my good friends over eRoi.  The study is called The Current State of Social, Mobile and Email Integration and in it you will find the results of a survey they did earlier in the spring about how marketers are prioritizing social and mobile and what they are doing about integrating it with email.

One of the things that fascinates me and makes me chuckle a bit is that the survey indicates that the number one social media metric measured is the increase/decrease in friends/followers which tells me that all they want is eyeballs as well as equating social media to a popularity contest.  One metric that no on is tracking in social media is engagement amongst brand and customers.  It’s almost as if companies are looking at social media as another advertisement channel and that is the very reason why I almost never follow brands on FB or Twitter.  Without giving too much of this great study away, I also find it super fascinating that 63% of the people said that they are not measuring the prevalence of mobile devices for their email subscribers.  That to me is crazy since I truly believe that a good portion of subscribers triage their email on a mobile device and decide to back later if interested.  Why would you not want to measure and then adapt your program to mobile. To me…you don’t know what you don’t know and there are plenty of tools out there than assist in this.  Its all about subscriber intelligence and the more you know about what/how they are doing, the better your program can be in terms of providing relevant content in the form that your subscribe wants to consume it.

This is a must read for all you digital media nuts.  You can download it here.


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Looks like Comcast subscribers to DSW’s email program have had some issues getting to their site.

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