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Last week, I signed up for the Kohls.com email list. Sure enough, as I (and any good email snob should) expected, I got the first email within minutes of hitting the submit key. Here’s what I got:


Let’s go analyze what’s good and bad about the message. First, what’s good.

What’s good about this welcome email:

  • Timeliness – this message arrived within minutes of completing the form. Certainly hits when I’m most in the mode to receive it. Kudos.
  • Whitelisting request at the top.
  • A simple welcome message and incentives to open subsequent messages. Very nice use of incentives IMHO.
  • Sets up expectations extremely well with what you’ll receive in these sales alerts.
  • The subject line is great. “Your First Kohls.com Sale Alert” gives me a sense of urgency, as well as matches the expectations of signing up for the email list.
  • Good highlights of what Kohls.com has to offer.

What’s not so good about this message:

  • I understand it’s technically a transactional email, but really? Plain text? I even checked to see if it was an images-off version with alt-text (which if it was, that would mean AWESOME use)… but not so much. I’d expect a major retailer like Kohls to use images.
  • The From line shows up in Gmail as myaccount.help. Who? Exactly. (To be fair, subsequent emails have come from Kohls.com, but this is your first contact, so change it up!)
  • At the bottom, it says “This mailbox is unattended, so please do not reply to this message.” WOW. That’s one way to sort of hide a Do-Not-Reply, but seriously, reply handling can be done with almost any ESP.What’s even crazier is that later it says “for other inquiries, email us at myaccount.help@kohls.com.”–Which, if you’re paying attention, is the FROM line of this message! So first you’re saying don’t reply, but I can send a message to the email box that this message comes from, even though you claim earlier it’s unattended? Are you confused? Good, I’m not the only one.

All in all, despite my distaste for the use of plain text in a first message of this sort, a solid effort put forth by Kohls. If they add images and fix the from-line/do-not-reply issues, they’d be even better.

Not bad, Kohls. Not bad.

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